OUR Growing Process

We provide a commercial propagation solution for Vegetative, Seed and Tissue Culture raised young plants.  We are constantly developing unique technologies and production protocols in order to keep up with the ever-changing market demands.  So when you need to hit the market with a quality finished product, you know that you will have received a young plant that will easily be grown on to become a quality finished plant when ready for sale.

We source quality seeds from around the world from the likes of Benary, Floranova, Schoneveld, Snowbrand and Syngenta giving you the flexibility and scope to produce lines that will give you a competitive edge.

We hold, harvest and maintain all of our own motherstock.  With genetics sourced from some of the most renowned breeders such as Syngenta, Volmary, Outback Plants, Kiwi Flora, PAC, Greenfuse, Snowbrand & Royal Van Zanten.  You will find that we have an extensive plant range that is second to none.  We also hold, harvest, maintain and produce young plants for some customers contractually who have genetics from many other breeders worldwide.

Tissue Culture
The world of tissue culture produced plants is something that we are continually sourcing to meet the market demand.  With continual shipments arriving, we are the gateway to the latest plants available on a commercial scale.